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Making teaching and learning more transparent! - Benjamin

This space is an effort to make my own teaching practice and learning process more transparent. As a teacher trainer, I strive to demonstrate behaviors I would like to see from my learners, which are essential to the profession: autonomy, reflective and shared practice, openness to dialogue from various perspectives, taking risks, setting routines, and purposeful decision-making. To this end, I share most of what I do as an educator and learner on this ( website, which includes open courseware and related content related to my teaching practice. If you want to join the conversation and share what you do in the classroom, contact me on Twitter @bnleez.


Benjamin L. Stewart, PhD

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ELT Cast

<aside> 💡 A space to share my own ideas about education and reflect on my own teaching and learning processes.


ELT Cast

<aside> 💡 Here is a gallery of Open Educational Recourses (OERs) that I have created recently or am currently working on.


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